Marc & Marc finally tie the knot after 20 years together

Marc & Marc finally tie the knot after 20 years together

Wow what a day! Our wonderful friend & florist extraordinaire Marc married his long term partner Marc at Taplow House in Berkshire.  There was a helicopter, delicious food, fireworks and  flowers to die for but most importantly there was love and laughter all day…..



Photography – Studio Rouge

Catering – Fosters

Flowers – Cherubs floral design

Suits – Black tie

Wedding car – Always chauffeur

Ceremony officiator – Bells & Whistles

Wedding cakes – Celelbration cakes // Vanilla cake company

Make up & hair – Charlotte Elizabeth // Paul lewendon

Invitations & Printing – Qwerty

Live Music – Wayne Martin

DJ – Scorpio discos

Casino tables – Cherubs floral design

LED dance floor – Innovents

Entertainment management – DCM International

Social Media – Hilary Scott



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